Mountain Bikers Christmas Gift Guide

As a rider, Christmas should be really easy for loved ones and friends to buy you the right present, right?  Wrong, we’re horrible people to buy for.

Reason 1: We generally buy stuff when we need it all year round

Reason 2: We have an acquired taste, we like certain brands, compounds, sizes, and colours

Reason 3: Sizing, 27.5/ 29, 31.8/ 35mm, our bikes make no sense to many normal folks if you don’t know   

Reason 4: It’s not obvious where to shop for a mountain biker, our stores are often not on the high street.

To help anyone buying for mountain bikers, here is our top 10 gifts that most riders may want this Christmas.

  • Gift 2: Socks- Who doesn't like socks for Christmas, Merino wool or Waterproof- just remember to get the correct size one.
  • Gift 3: Guided ride. We’re a huge fan of leaning on local experience for trips. We’ve been out with the team at WyeMTB this past year for a day off the beaten track. It’s an incredible experience.
  • Gift 4: Cleaners and Lubes. Products to keep the bike running fresh are always welcome. Our teams product of choice is Peaty’s products.
  • Gift 5: Tools and tool holders. You can’t beat a good quality multi-tool. Have a look at brands like Topeak for some quality anodized goodness. 

  • Gift 6: If they have a van and you are feeling generous, Have a look at Bike Stow. A UK made, family company making some amazing bike racks and storage solutions for vans and homes.
  • Gift 7: Race Entry- The UK now is host to some amazing festivals and races. Whilst racing can be seen as serious business- it’s really not, most are fun friendly atmosphers and great chance to ride some incredible trails. Have a look out for the ARD Rock, Malvern Classic, or bucket list events like the Megavalanche.  
  • Gift 8: No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Provide a little extra motivation to riders this winter with some quality apparel, Blackline Waterproof Jacket or if your feeling generous our new Blackline Dirtsuit.
  • Gift 9: Riders are like magpies, they are attracted to shiny things, for a nice gift that everyone can use have a look at some accessories like:

  • Gift 10: Just like socks, you can never have too many water bottles. This time of year, they get caked in mud, Nukeproof’s has a handy cover to keep the muck out your mouth. Or if you want something even more special you could look at a hydration pack. Have a look at brands like Camelbak.
  • Gift 11: Let your loved ones represent their passion off the bike with our awesome selection of casual tees and hoodies.   

  • Gift 12: Their first bike. It’s a momentous occasion receiving your first bike and taking your first pedal turns to freedom. For tiny humans we have our new Cub-Scoot and Cub Scout range. We also do bikes for full sized kids too, our Scout or Solum hardtail or Digger may make a nice addition to the garage.