Nukeproof HZN Sam Hill Signature Pedal

Nukeproof Horizon: Sam Hill Signature Pedal

Sam Hill, One of the finest Mountain Bike riders to grace the earth. A rider that has won multiple Downhill and Enduro World races and championships and the fastest rider out there on flat pedals. Since signing with Nukeproof, Sam has helped develop his own signature components line, the jewel in the range being his very own flat pedals.

Developed with his long time mechanic Jacy Schumilak, his signature pedals have gone on to win multiple media accolades (5x in a row MBR flat pedal of the year, MBUK flat pedal of the year) and are the go to for any serious flat pedal racer.

After moving across to dominate the Enduro World Series, Sam and Jacy refined the Signature pedal to meet the demands of the EWS. The result is a fully redesigned pedal body shedding 23g of weight (per pedal), whilst retaining strength and crucially keeping all of the pins in the same place for ultimate grip and confidence on the pedal.

The edges trimmed to help avoid rocks and obstacles meeting the demands of the EWS. This pedal shares the award-wining Pro pedal concaved foot bed to ensure comfort and control for even the longest stages. The pedal body is 111mm x 99mm.

The Pedal again features 6 height adjustable pins (adjusted via adding or removing washers under the outside pins) and 4 removable grub pins (Sam chooses to remove the inside pins), all which can be adjusted or removed to dial in the perfect pedal set up.

Enduro World Series Proven Pedals


The Horizon Enduro Pedals are the second pedal that Sam has developed with us (the first being the ultra successful Horizon Pro DH pedals). The Horizon Enduro pedal shares all the proven internal parts as the Horizon pro pedal. To keep the pedals running fresh and extend the life span we offer a a full range of spares available. The one piece 6061-T6 aluminum body is forged to offer a balance of strength vs weight and spins freely on high quality DU bushings with 2 sealed cartridge bearings. These help spread the loads from heavy impacts and the seal locks water/ trail dirt out. A extra lip seal is also in place between the axle and pedal body to enhance the longevity of the pedal reducing water and dirt getting into the pedal.

The Horizon Enduro pedal is CNC machined polished finished, so your pedal still looks fresh after months of trail abuse.

With x3 Enduro World Series Title to its name already, Sam Hill’s Signature Horizon Enduro pedals are the ultimate flat pedal for any trail or Enduro Rider/ racer.

Developing the best...

The Stating point for the new Enduro pedal was a modified pedal from Jacy (picture on the right). Jacy had trimmed the edges from the original Sam Hill Pro Pedals to form a smaller area to minimize the chance of rock strikes in Enduro. Once we recived this pair we modeled the pedal in solid works. It wasn't just a case of trimming the edges, the complete pedal was redesigned to ensure we optimized the pedal bodies strength and reduced as much weight out of them as possible. From there they are 3D printed (nothing like holding and test fitting the shape). From there its down to ride testing and passing the CNC'ed prototypes to Sam for him to run- He tested these through his victorious 2019 EWS season to sign off on the design for the pedals 2020 launch. Sam Hill Signature pedals are available in a various colors, for the ultimate race pedal we offer a Ti Axle version.  


  • Body Material: Forged and CNC-machined 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Axle Material: CrMo
  • Use: MTB, Enduro
  • Axle: 9/16"
  • Bushings: 2x DU bushings
  • Bearings: 4x sealed Z989 cartridge bearings (per pair)
  • Spare Pins Included: No
  • Dimensions: 111x99x18mm (LxWxD)
  • Weight: 407g (pair)

"This Horizon Pro is a perfectly rounded package that isn’t the lightest or the thinnest on test, but any pedals that rate higher on these fronts also have greater compromises elsewhere. It’s proven tough and simply feels so solid and secure underfoot for all shapes and sizes of rider, the Horizon is hard to beat. This new shape Enduro pedal is a very well-rounded package. Even with material shaved away to save meaningful grams, grip is still unquestionable and the platform is solid and secure underfoot for all shapes and sizes of rider, making it easy to recommend."

— MBR Magazine


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