Real Housewives of Chatel: On the road with Nukeproof SRAM factory racing

A festive treat: Chatel EDR behind the scenes

Need saving from that family member who won’t stop telling you stories? We’ve got you covered, in the finest form.
As the end of the 2023 EDR season rolled around, we thought we’d catch up with The Nukeproof SRAM Factory racing team at the final round, Chatel to give you all an insight into life on the road with the team.
Filmed by the infamous Caldwell visuals, the team give you an glimpse into life on the road with the team. The final round in Chatel dictated the results for the season and Dan Booker had his sights set on a podium finish. Meanwhile, Nukeproof’s answer to the Kardashian’s is kicking off with romance battles and bickering about the washing up.
One thing is for sure, the Nukeproof SRAM Factory racing team and Tommy C sure know how to put an edit together. Unbelievable riding and great craic.
So, grab that box of quality streets, a brew and kick back and watch the carnage commence.


Video by Caldwell Visuals
Photos by Kike Abelleira and William Brignal