Return of Robbo

A long, long time ago in a forest far away from his home Lil Robbo experienced possibly the calmest leg break ever whilst filming #ScoutinAbout 3 (It was horrible, but he was just so calm about it).

Since then, the youth from Warrington has been in a semi cryogenic state being rebuilt. After 9 months he’s completed COD (a computer game for folk that thought he was talking fish), but more importantly his sparrow leg is welded back together and completed rehab. After a few months pounding the miles on his Digger Gravel Vessel in an effort to regain what little fitness he had before, he’s back and up to his usual tricks... getting wild in the Cheshire loam and just making you want to pick up your bike and ride.


Fuelled by Maryland cookies* (*other baked goods are available) and shredding on his own trails in a secret loamy galaxy. Back filming with Director of good times and headmaster at the “The Firm” (Check them out on Instagram) Tommy C of Caldwell Visuals. Lil Robbo is riding his trusty Nukeproof Mega 290c Elite and dressed head to toe in some fresh Nukeproof kit.

Follow little Robbo here: @Lil Robbo

Music by @ChongWizard

Once again, a huge thank you has to go to the NHS staff and paramedics for rebuilding Robbo over the past year.