Sam and the Giga


Sam Hill & The Giga: Must Watch  

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When some athletes relax after achieving a result or title, others use the momentum to strive forwards, the taste of victory is a motivation to aim for greater heights and more glory.


Sam Hill is an embodiment of this philosophy, his last stage win or in his case championship is the foundation and for the next in the goal to his ultimate self fulfilment as an athlete (sure he enjoys it, but can fault the man's motivation).


The Nukeproof Giga is the embodiment of this, a bike born out of the idea that enough is never enough. Gluttony is not a sin.


Sam is riding his Team CRC-Nukeproof spec. Giga 290c carbon frame featuring his Signature Nukeproof components.


Full bike check to come soon.


Edit by Mark Garic

Filmed in Sam's back yard's good
- Sam Hill On the Giga

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