Only a small quantity of the 2013 Solum ever made it out to the market, this dialled 26” Dirt Jump/ Pump track frame has always an athlete favourite. We are stoked to re-introduce the Solum (it’s return has nothing to do with a new local pump track to the Nukeproof HQ).

The new version has been re-engineered to embrace new manufacturing techniques and the development of both BMX and Mountain Bike. Firstly, it’s still a 26” wheel bike, but uses a tough aluminium frame and geometry honed for its purpose. The new Nukeproof Solum blends the simplicity of a single speed frame with the details that riders will appreciate.

Behind The Design:  

Whilst the original Solum was Steel, the new Solum takes advantage in custom hydroformed 6061 triple butted tubes. This minimises the frame weight, whilst maximising strength and directional stiffness (where required) to allow for efficient power transfer when pumping the bike.

The Solum has some awesome details like a fully forged yoke allows for the maximum strength to weight ratio. The custom yoke maximises chain ring and tyre clearance (up to 2.3 tyres). Nukeproof recommend starting with a gearing is 30t-13t, but you can run up to a 32t chainring. The wavey seat stays and brace maximise strength in multi direction for riders throwing tricks. It’s a frame that’s built tough yet comes in at a respectable 2.26Kg/ 4.76lb (regular).

The Solum comes in two length of bike- regular & long, both optimised around a 100mm travel fork. The two sizes are designed to cater not only rider’s heights, but also the intended use.

A regular frame may be better suited for riders focusing on the pump track, making manuals easier and allow for a faster change of direction. Longer frames may be more suited to the Dirt Jump trails for optimum stability. All frames feature dialled rear dropouts so you can adjust the wheelbase (slam it for street/ pumping and lengthen it for the trails).  

The new Solum is ready for the playground.


Corey Watson is no stranger to the Hawick pump track. The Enduro ace lives only a short roll away from the awesome facility. Built by Velosolutions, it’s a long tarmac track with multiple lines that encourage progression. Whilst we were there we rode with kids of scoot along bikes as well as some BMX racers on a road trip from London- it’s awesome to see these facilities being built in towns and cities around the world. With Nukeproof-Sram racing teammate Elliott Heap recent move to the Scottish boarders, the pair have been making use of their new vessels. It’s almost hypnotic to watch them send their Solum’s, transferring, manualing and generating ridicules speed. We invited Tommy C of Caldwell Visuals to film with Elliott and Corey and had Laurence Crossman-Emms on the stills.

To keep it fresh, we headed up to Edinburgh for a bit of park and street session on some of the most iconic skate sights of the city. As with anything with Elliott and Corey the streets of the city soon become a competition, who can manny this, gap that and 360 from there. Insane to think that both Elliott and Corey had only had the frames a matter of days before this edit. From the city we headed over to Saughton Park for a quick park session before the storms rolled in to end play. Insane to think that within the city there are so many amazing facilities to use, most of which are free of charge. The Solum now a regular in the team can, can’t help thinking there will be some awesome edits to come…

The Solum will be on sale from the 17th August as a Frame Only. For availability please speak to your local dealer: NUKEPROOF DEALER LOCATOR