The kids are alright

Nukeproof Youths

What a time to be a mountain bike youth. Access to incredible trails, great product and more importantly a community to teach skills and progression on bikes. It’s almost certain that the new generation of youth coming through will enjoy opportunities that previous generations could only dream of. Be that the end result is a World Cup level racer, Slope style master or just another person enjoying riding bikes, the next generation look to be well catered for.

The Kids are ok...

Trail School

If you are fortunate to grow up in a Mountain Bike Mecca like the Tweed Valley in Scotland, you have some world class facilities on your doorstep. Not just the trails, but a club and education network that is pushing boundaries to the next level.  

Dirt school is one of the Tweed Valley's most established mountain bike schools. Designed to introduce riders as young as 7 years old to world and opportunity of mountain biking. The school aims to equip youths with the skills to ride faster, safer and explore more of what is on offer in the valley. Uniquely, Dirt Schools association with BASE College gives riders the opportunity to go from preschool age right through. BASE College offers students the chance to earn a SCQF Level 6 qualification and learn about the sport from the very best. Most importantly, the school allows riders to meet likeminded friends and enjoy the amazing trails on the doorstep.


Nukeproof is proud of its association with Dirt School through Performance Coach at BASE and EWS Superstar Innes Graham. As a former student Innes is now back coaching the next generation. He is joined by the Tweed Valleys guides and Dirt School coach Fi Berry (also on a Mega).

Earlier this year we asked Innes and Fi to handpicked three stars of Dirt School to showcase the Nukeproof youth range of Cub-Scouts bikes, Nukeproof Blackline Ridewear and Urchin Components.


Nukeproof youth ranges have evolved in recent year (mainly thanks to our athletes and staff’s demands for product for their own kids). Nukeproof now boast the Cub-Scout range of 3 hardtails (20”, 24” & 26” wheel sizes). These all-feature lightweight aluminium frames with trail honed geometry, equipped with quality youth specific components to allow riders to enjoy their time off road. It’s not just bikes, Nukeproof offer a full range of Youth componentry (urchin Range) and Ridewear. Kit that includes youth sizing in items like mini me versions of the award-winning Blackline Trail Pants, shorts & Jerseys.  

To show case the range we spoke to Fi and Innes to carefully select three students to show off the Nukeproof range:

Meet the Stars:

Name: Noah Graham

Age: 6

Favourite Trail: Angry Sheep

Best Trick: whip

Favourite Food: Pizza

Name: Evan Graham

Age: 7 (turns 8 on 8/8/22)

Fav. Trail: Falla Brae Glentress

Best trick: whip

Fav. Food: pizza

Name: Evie Wilkie

Age: 11

Fav trail: Tennage Kicks Glentress, Scotland

Best trick: staying upright (not always achieved) 😝

Fav food: halloumi fries !


Thanks to Innes, Fi and the Tweed Valley and Dirt School team for helping create this edit, plus Noah, Evan and Evie.  

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