Urchin Kids Components






Urchin: a smallchild, especially one who behavesbadly and is dirty or untidilydressed.


The new Urchin range stems for the demand from the next generation of tiny human trail slayers (in particular to meet the recent growth from our own staff and athletes’ families).


Using our very own in house test pilots, the Urchin range has been optimised to offer trail/ track ready upgrades for the kid’s market.





Urchin Flat pedals:  


Heading the new URCHIN range is the flat pedal. Designed for the next generation of foot out, flat out Sam Hill youths, these pedals are based on our award-winning Sam Hill Horizon flat pedals. Using an alloy CNC 94x76.5x17mm body, they have 10 pin replaceable pins per side and use the same proven dual sealed bearing internals as the adult pedals. Should the Urchin pedals require, a full rebuild kit and replacement axles are available.  


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  • Alloy body with CNC finishing
  • Axle: 9/16” Cro-Mo
  • Removable pins
  • Dimensions: 94mm x 76.5mm x 17mm
  • Weight: 330g
  • Colours Available: Black, blue, red or purple
  • £60 GBP (SRP)

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Urchin Grips:  


The single lock Urchin moto style grips are ergonomically designed for small human paws. Using super soft, yet durable A15 durometer compound, they are 115mm long with internal flange is there for ultimate comfort and protection.   


  • Material: A15 Kraton Soft Rubber Compound
  • Single clamp grip
  • Low profile
  • Rubber outer edge
  • Flange at clamp for extra comfort
  • Length: 115mm
  • Outer Diameter: 30.8mm
  • Colours Available: Black, blue, red or purple
  • £20 GBP (UK SRP)

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Urchin Handlebars:


Based on our Horizon bars, this high-grade 7050 aluminium handlebar is designed to not only look good, but perform well. The acid dipped, shot peened finishing process, gives a durable and quality finish. The Alloy material and handlebar shape are designed to offer compliance on the trails, helping to cause fatigue from trail buzz. Offered in 700mm width they can be cut down safely to 640mm. All bars are supplied with safety caps too to which fit under the grips and help protect the rider.  

  • Material: 7050 Aluminium
  • Finish: Acid dipped micro shot-peened
  • Bar Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Back-sweep: 9°
  • Up-sweep: 5°
  • Rise: 25mm
  • Width: 700mm with markings to cut down to 640mm
  • Supplied with safety caps for the bar ends which should be fitted before the grips
  • Built for: Trail, All Mountain, Enduro, Downhill, Freeride
  • Grip: Fits standard 22.2mm grips
  • Weight: Est. 260g
  • Colours Available: grey, blue, red or purple
  • £20 GBP (SRP)

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Urchin Saddle:


Little known fact, the original Sam Hill DH saddles were based on a kid’s saddle size. The Urchin Saddle is designed with Nukeproof’s in house test Urchins, to ensure that it’s the correct shape and comfortable for proper trail riding. With a weatherproof hard-wearing cover over lightweight, high density foam the saddle is light, durable and comfortable.   


  • Rail Size: 7mm
  • Base Foam: Light, high density foam
  • Width: 137 mm
  • Length: 258mm
  • Weight: Est. 291g
  • Colours Available: Black, blue, red or purple
  • £20 GBP (SRP)

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The new Urchin range is available now through all good Nukeproof retailers.