MX 297 Mega & Giga

MX 297


Introducing the 297 Mega & Giga


MX Why Now...

Since the 1870’s, when top hatted folk cruised the streets on Penny Fathering through to some 100 years later, when the Raleigh Chopper was many a 70’s youths poster child, riders have been mixing the size of bike wheels. In mountain bikes many brands have offered mixed wheels over the past few decades, but things got a little more serious when in 2019 the UCI relaxed the “both wheels must be the same size” rule.


Nukeproof have recently offered most frames in both 29” and 27.5” with optimised aggressive geometry to suit the wheel size for the modern rider/ racer. Nukeproof are never ones to rush to meet the “latest trend”. But behind the scenes, the team have been evaluating the benefits of mixing the wheels for our riders and athletes, ensuring it fits well within the range. To ensure Nukeproof had the option of mixing wheels on our latest bikes (if deemed necessary), the clever engineers ensured that the latest generation of frames were futureproofed, with the ability to “mix and match” tringles (Reactor, Mega, Giga & Dissent). Crucially this is without any compromises to the geometry and sizing. With the MX 297 frames geometry being based on the 290 frames. Simply put, a rider can bolt together a 290 front triangle and hardware to a 275 rear triangle to create an uncompromised geometry 297-wheel size bike. The first 297 to launch for Nukeproof was the Dissent (downhill frame) in 2020. After much testing and approval from our athletes it’s time to meet the demand from customers and unleash the Giga and Mega 297 frames.


Mega 297

EWS U21 World Champion, Elliott Heap was an early convert to try a MX Mega 297. With rough trails of the Enduro World Series, the 29” front rolls faster over the holes and by mixing it with the agility and playfulness of the 27.5” wheel out back, gave him the feeling he wanted. Initially in 2019, Elliott tested “a Mongrel of a Mega 27.5”, a 275 frame with a 29” fork/ wheel, whilst it had some benefits of the 29” wheel, the Mega’s geometry was compromised.

To optimize this set up Nukeproof engineered a custom rear end for him to test and once he swung a leg over a geometry corrected Mega 297 V3 he knew he was onto something.

For 2020/ 2021 Elliott switched onto the latest Mega V4 and had the option of the 297 out the box, the results speak for themselves with Elliott punching in his best-ever EWS results and constant threat to the top of the time sheets.

- Elliott Heap, Mega 297

GIGA 297

Launched early this year, the Nukeproof Giga has been winning much acclaim in both 275 and 290 versions. The 297 is the latest addition to the range.

Nukeproof’s 2021 signing Katy Winton was keen on the Giga 297 platform from the outset. Aiming to get frame that fitted her dimensions perfectly. The Giga 297 giving her the room to move with confidence on the bike, with the benefit of the big wheel up front. So far, she’s loving it, sitting in the top 10 of the Enduro World Series overall. Since the start of the season too, Sam Hill has been testing his Giga in 297 at various rounds of the EWS.  

- Katy Winton, Giga 297


Nukeproof are pleased to introduce the Mega and Giga in 297 frame options. Frames will be available in Nukeproof Yellow / Black Graphics, coming with a Fox Factory X2 Shock and in Authorised dealers from Late September 2021. Full details of the geometry can be found on.

Frame Prices:

Mega 297: £2500/ $2500/ Euro3200

Giga 297: £2600/ $2600/ Euro3300

(Don’t despair if you are a current V4 Mega or Giga 290 owner, later in the year Nukeproof will offer an MX kit for owners who wish to convert their current bike).