Nukeproof Giga Carbon 297 MX Kit (2021-2022)

Nukeproof Giga Carbon 297 MX Kit (2021-2022)

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Nukeproof Giga Carbon 297 MX Kit

The Giga Carbon 297 MX Kit enables you to convert your 290 Carbon Giga bike/frame to the 297 MX standard. The 297 MX platform uses a 29" wheel at the front and a 27.5" at the rear, giving you the perfect balance of pace, stability, agility and control for riding anywhere on Earth. This kit optimises your Giga 290 into a custom super-enduro that ensures for more front-end grip, enhanced rolling efficiency and playfulness on steep descents and technical terrain sections.


As riders, we are all guilty of the gluttonous sin; we never stop striving, never stop pushing, enough is never enough in the hunt for the ultimate. It’s a constant push for bigger, longer, rougher, and faster with ever increasing demands on the performance and capabilities of our bike. The pursuit is endless, and the result is that the Giga is now available in an all-new 297 MX platform.

This Nukeproof Giga 297c MX kit includes everything you need* to convert a 290c Giga frame into a 297c MX bike, running a 29” front and 27.5” rear wheel. Why would you want to do that? A mixed wheel set up uses a 29” wheel up front to maximise grip and rolling efficiency and replaces the 29” with a 27.5” wheel out back. The smaller 27.5” rear wheel ensures nimble handling and extra clearance for riders when leaning off the back of the bike (Especially on steep terrain).

This kit includes nearly everything you need to convert a complete Giga 290c to a 297c.

Note: You will require a Boost 148mm 27.5” Rear wheel and tyre, not included.

The Nukeproof GIGA: Gluttony is not a sin.


  • Parts Included:
  • Nukeproof Giga Carbon 297 Rear Triangle (X1). Made from ultra-strong monocoque UD Carbon Fibre
  • internally piped cable routing
  • Boost 148mm rear axle spacing
  • 3D contoured Rubber frame protection included
  • Factory fitted clear paint protection kit covering CS/SS
  • Colour: Black

Compatible with 29” Giga Carbon frames only

Note: Some additional parts may be required to build this onto your existing 29” frame. All of these parts should be available from the original:

  • UDH Hanger
  • Axle
  • Hardware
  • Brake mount
  • Mudguard


  • Will this change the Geometry of my Giga? No. We designed the Giga as a series of parts that can be fitted together to make different configurations. As a result, the geometry remains the same. For exact geo please see the GEO chart.
  • Can I fit this myself at home? Yes, if you are a competent mechanic with the correct tools and the know-how for using them. Due to the complex nature of a full suspension frame, there are a lot of moving parts that must be installed and assembled in the correct order. It is also imperative that the correct parts are greased, thread locked or torqued to specification. Failure to do so would void the warranty of the frame. If you do not have the know-how, then please contact your local Nukeproof dealer or skilled service centre.


  • Material: Ultra Strong T700/800 Monocoque Carbon Fibre
  • Wheels Size: Front 29”/Rear 27.5"
  • Max Tyre Size: 2.6"
  • Shock Size: Can use a 205x60mm shocks for 170mm travel or 205x65mm for 180mm travel
  • Bearings Required: None Required
  • Rear Hub: Boost 148x12mm
  • Rear Axle: SRAM UDH Maxle Stealth M12x1.0 180mm (Thread Length 13mm)
  • Brake Mount: 200mm Direct Post
  • Protection: 3D Contoured Rubber Frame Protection for SS/CS
  • Fitting Guide - 2021-2022 Giga MX Fitting Guide