Bottom Bracket Bearings DUB (For BSA BB)

Bottom Bracket Bearings DUB (For BSA BB)

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Nukeproof Bottom Bracket Bearings DUB (For BSA BB)

If your Nukeproof DUB-type bottom bracket is no longer running smoothly, these are the exact bearings you require to get it running like it's just come out of the box. Easy to fit, these bearings are coated to increase their durability.

Bearings with a Titanium Coating

The bearings have a titanium coating which is applied in a vaporised vacuum environment, this allows its structure and density to be fine-tuned. The ti (titanium) coating helps prevent rust and damage from external elements. The bearings are ABEC 5 certified and suit Nukeproof DUB bottom brackets as well as any other bottom requiring a 29x40x6.8mm bearing.


  • Coating: Ti coated
  • Dimensions: 29x40x6.8mm
  • ABEC: 5
  • Main Application: DUB Bottom brackets
  • Sold as a pair
  • 2-year warranty