Nukeproof Horizon V2 Front Wheel

Nukeproof Horizon V2 Front Wheel

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Nukeproof Horizon V2 Front Wheel

This MTB front wheel features a revised design, which gives you fast and smooth-rolling performance as you shred the trails. Coming equipped with Nukeproof's extensively trailed and tested alloy blend, its rim construction is specifically made to meet the demands of both enduro and DH riders. Producing a hardness similar to 7-series alloy but with the ductility and yield properties of a 6-series, this front wheel gives you the best of both worlds in terms of strength, stiffness and weight.

Nukeproof has ensured this front wheel's rim profile is the same as the rear (sold separately), with the only difference being that the front has a thinner sidewall for greater weight savings. Another benefit is it comes equipped with J-bend spokes, which means that tensioning and spoke replacement is quick and easy.

Enduro ABEC 5 Bearings

After extensive testing with various brands of bearings, Nukeproof chose to use Enduro ABEC 5 bearings in this front wheel. These bearings have the “LLU/LLB” seal type, which uses two lips that make light contact in a groove to create a labyrinth where the water or dirt has a more difficult time to penetrate. LLU seals are similar, only the contact pressure or interference fit is greater to seal better. Enduro bearings have 80% grease fill on both sides whereas most other bearings have 35% grease fill on one side. This delivers full coverage, so there are no dry areas as well as avoiding metal on metal contact or wear. This means that the axle feels tight out of the box and after a couple of rides it will become free.

Nukeproof Horizon V2 Hub

This MTB front wheel features a revised Nukeproof Horizon V2 hub, which is available for both 15mm & 20mm spacings in both boost & non boost. We also sell end caps for QR separately.

What's Included?

Wheels come taped with tubeless valve installed so all you need to do is fit your tyre and add sealant. The tubeless valve supplied is the revised Nukeproof Horizon valve, which is compatible with Nukeproof ARD and other tyre inserts, as well as the cap having a core remover built-in.

Spoke lengths on Nukeproof wheels are the same regardless of spacing, the length changes with wheel size:

Wheel Wheel Size Non Drive Side Spoke Length Driveside Spoke Length
Front 27.5" 269 270
Front 29" 288 289

Conversion kits and replacement end caps available separately.

Caps  Nukeproof Part Number              Replacement or Conversion
Front 9mm QR                NUKHORV2F9QRCAPS  15mm Non Boost Hub to QR
Front 15mm                     NUKHORV2F15CAPS    Replacement 15mm caps
Front 20mm                     NUKHORV2F20CAPS Replacement 20mm caps


  • Rim Material: Alloy Nukeproof Blend
  • Use: MTB, All Mountain, Enduro and DH
  • Spacing Options: 15x100mm; 15x110mm; 20x110mm Non Boost and 20x110mm Boost
  • Wheel Size: 27.5" or 29" options
  • Inner Rim Width: 30mm
  • Outer Rim Width: 35mm
  • Rim Height: 21.6mm
  • Tubeless Ready: Yes, pre-taped and valve supplied
  • Spoke Count: 32
  • Spoke Type: J-Bend
  • Disc Mount: 6-Bolt
  • Lacing Pattern: 3x
  • Build: Hand built
  • Single or Pair: Single
  • Weight: 27.5” 15mm Boost: 884g; 27.5” 20mm Boost: 946g


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A product that just works and does so for a reasonable price may not be the most attention-grabbing strap line, but that's exactly what the Horizon V2 offers. Sure, they aren't particularly light or flashy, but after six months of wet-weather use they haven't put a foot wrong, so for the money I feel confident enough to recommend them. - Seb Stott